Roofing Check List

The following are some items to keep in mind prior to roof installation and during the progress of work at your property:

  • Cover items in the attic, due to debris that could fall during roof tear off.
  • We will take care to protect your shrubs and grounds. If you feel additional protection is needed, please do so by placing tarps over specific items or foliage at your discretion.
  • Clear driveway or parking area for access to deliver material to your roof or ground area. Our crew will also need parking available during the progress of the job.
  • Provide your contact phone number for the day work is scheduled.
  • Secure dogs/animals inside or chain up during progress of the job.
  • Unlock gates or fences that we may need to access.
  • Make sure that security alarms are turned off - the vibration of roof tear-off may set the alarms off.
  • Let us know where electricity is accessible for us in case there is a need for it.

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